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En tiempos en que las grandes organizaciones intentan aplicar simultaneamente multiples iniciativas y programas de cambio, Ideas rompedoras nos dice, contrariamente a lo que se supone, que grandes cambios requieren grandes soluciones, todo lo que se necesita es aplicar un conjunto de pequeñas reglas que creen grandes impactos: Con 10 estructuras, 10 procesos y 10 comportamientos se conseguiran cambios mil veces mas importantes. Esta combinacion explosiva traera cambios rapidos y exponenciales. Este poder multiplicador exponencial es lo que se necesita para realizar eficazmente cualquier transformacion en una empresa u organizacion. / In a time when organisations simultaneously run multiple corporate initiatives and large change programmes, Disruptive Ideas tells us that - contrary to the collective mindset that says that big problems need big solutions - all you need is a small set of powerful rules to create big impact. In his previous book, Viral ChangeTM, Leandro Herrero described how a small set of behaviours, spread by a small number of people could create sustainable change. In this follow-up book, the author suggests a menu of 10 'structures', 10 'processes' and 10 'behaviours' that have the power to transform an organisation. These 30 disruptive ideas can be implemented at any time and at almost no cost; and what's more...you don't even need them all. But their compound effect - the 10+10+10 maths - will be more powerful than vast corporate programmes with dozens of objectives and efficiency targets... This book will appeal to people at different levels of management or leadership, who want to reshape their culture by enhancing working practices and in general aiming at greater organisational effectiveness. Its practical nature will appeal to all who want to implement key ideas that have the power to transform any organisation, without having to embark upon a massive change management programme.

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